Welcome to The Tall Ships Races 2011 Greenock from the 9th – 12th July!

During the festival, there will be a media centre located close to the Tall Ships as well as to all the festivities. The media centre will be equipped with workspace (telephone and internet) for media to use to file stories.

There will also be press boats available that will take media out onto the water to allow coverage of the ships arriving and departing.

Any journalist who would like to use the media centre facilities must have accreditation. For accreditation, please fill out the scheme below.


We would recommend a lanyard or wrist band to be issued to all journalists from the media centre. This must display this at all times when working the event. They would get this by signing into the media centre and a BIG staff member would issue the accreditation once the form is completed.

On submit an email containing the above information will be sent